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The big money epidemic has started!
Maximilian Yudin
Marketing expert
Psst, bro! It’s your time!
The world will never be the same. While people stay at home, wash their hands and are afraid to go outdoors without a face mask, SHOCKING THINGS are going on! The stock markets have turned upside down, a magnitude 10 earthquake rocks the economy… The dollar and the euro have leveled the score and stock market indexes are dropping.
But here’s where we face a paradox: sales rates of apartments, expensive cars, brand clothing and luxury goods skyrocketed by 43% in our country while the global markets plunge. How can there be so many rich people when the world is crashing? Of course, we aren’t talking about the magnates - they have their own statistics.
According to the analysts, 70% of today’s new billionaires are yesterday’s students, workers and housewives. They seized an opportunity when the crisis emerged. Then, they hit the top. But how did they do that?
The economic collapse unleashed a lot of money that is now mostly on the Internet. While the oil prices are tumbling, the cryptocurrency rates are growing. Everyone who missed a chance to make crazy money on Ethereum and Bitcoin mining benefit from the current situation.
So you’re staying at home now. You’re supposed to work remotely, you actually watch YouTube videos instead of working… But you can spend the quarantine time profitably. Follow this link and sign up, read the Terms & Conditions and invest in cryptocurrency while your savings are still valuable. You know nothing about financial operations? You’re into humanities? Don’t worry, trading teachers will tell you about everything.
Crypto trading is easy. No need to mine anything, to dig into the codes and so on. You buy it cheap and sell it high. Gain from rate changes. You can earn as much as your average salary on the very first trades just in 3 days. You withdraw your money offline anytime, paying a small commission.
To sum up, it’s you to choose: you can mess about and waste your time or benefit from the quarantine to go out with a good sum of money after the outbreak is over. Hurry up, otherwise, those who thought fast will get your profit!
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Looks interesting. Those who are already into it, tell us more about it, please!
Iris Alders
At first, I thought it’s just one more scam. Then I studied the materials. It seemed to be fair. I decided to start with a small amount of money losing which I wouldn’t mind. A week ago, I withdrew 3 times more money. Can’t say I’m fabulously rich now, but it’s enough to stuff my fridge with food and buy new clothes for my kids.
You guys are so weird… How about normal jobs and normal salaries?
Tried that. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I worked as a nursery teacher for 15 years: took care of kids in the daytime, cleaned offices and hair salons in the evening and worked as a ward maid at nights. Six days out of 7 were like that and Sundays were devoted to sleeping. I could afford to buy food for a couple of times monthly, but I didn’t have money to pay the rent and buy new clothes. I neglected my son, a teenager. Recklessness had almost led him to using drugs. I got into crypto and realized that not doing it before was horribly stupid. Now I stay at home and spend no more than 3 times a week on working, I can afford everything and even save some money, my son is always around. He studies better under my care. So the job is a scam for dummies, like me in the past.
Just can’t figure out where people get money for investing…
You call that money? Just don’t go to the restaurant one day - that’s your starting money. Not too much, but you’ll end up with a serious profit! Can’t decide now whether to spend mine on gifts for me and my husband or to put it into a bank… You know, we couldn’t afford anything for so long :(
Dealing with banks isn’t a good idea now. Banks are real scam!
An interesting way to make some extra money during the quarantine.
I’ve been using this platform for half a year now. To hell with the job! I sometimes dream about existing on the salary and then wake up in a cold sweat.
Harley Beamer
Are you sure it’s not network marketing?
Absolutely sure :) You don’t have to invite anyone or to hard sell anything. Your money is only yours, you don’t have to share it with anyone.